CMG Roster

CMG is the record label founded by Memphis Tennessee rapper Yo Gotti. The CMG members consists of: Yo Gotti, Zed Zilla, Snootie Wild, Wave Chapelle and Blac Youngsta.



Yo Gotti


Zed Zilla


Wave Chapelle


Snootie Wild


Blac Youngsta


  • LaYayo

    On my life gotti, on my momma , on my dead daddy , I feel like on this music I’m a whole nother breed , hear me out big dog I promise you won’t be disappointed

  • HB4

    Behind the Nine OneHundo Full Support

  • Ryan Lawrence Nelson


  • Michael Shane Sutherland

    Hey I’m so influenced by everything CMG HAS RELEASED!!!! Yo gotti and blac youngsta you 2 have gotten me through so much in my life… from my momma passing to me dying numerous times! I can’t say that I’m good but I feel as I am! I’m a underground rapper wanting too be more! Show my family I can do it big… my whole life people have hated on me, I would love to hear back from you all email is please and thank you! I salute you all!!! 🙂

  • Derek Tucker

    Looking for a new artist out of nowhere link up

    • Tony Mckinney

      A Cmg get up with me on the the Facebook Tony McKinney Ct three chains c.m.g

  • DB

    #Salute @Dbx254

  • lil phazo

    Hello, my name is lil phazo. And i’m in a rapping group called fenese gods. And we are currently unsigned. And we are looking forward to getting signed to a record deal. My instagram is @lilphazo and my rapping partner, finesse kid, instagram is @king_time13, and we can rap. It has been our life long dream to get signed to record deal. So please please and please give me and finese kid a chance. We have been chasing this dream for a very long time. And we can rap and we will freestyle for you to get signed.

  • Corif

    sign me

  • Zach Hayes

    Hey I know you get this a lot but Im trying to just get heard. Im in Little Rock, AR so Im real close to Memphis, TN. Ive got this video i put together on youtube, my new song. Ive put my heart into it. I also have alot of other songs ready. I did all this with minimal equipment because this is my dream. I love it. Plus ill work my ass off for it. Here is a link.

    • Samuel Benson ( Blac Youngsta)

      Hey, give me your email address, so can schedule appointment with you !!!


  • Wayne Dino Dino
    Jam this One Time

  • Wayne Dino Dino
  • Wayne Dino Dino
  • Dan Drippyy