Wave Chapelle

Wave Chapelle

Everything authentic. That is the tag line hip hop artist Wave Chappelle chooses to live by. Hailing from Milwaukee, Wisconsin.. Wave is determined to be a staple in the hip hop world.

Rap music has always been an integral part of his culture. Wave was introduced to hip hop music at a very young age, while still in elementary school. He comes from a family of music. A father who is a music staple in the city of Milwaukee known as “F1 Diamond” as well as a cousin who is musically inclined as well. He wrote his first rap when he was in the 5th grade. He played it for his older cousin who was totally impressed by it that he played it for his friends. He states “That rap was very elementary written to the sound of “H to the Izzo.” The response he received fueled his fire. Wave states “My dad is a legend where I’m from and he has been doing hip hop since he was 8, and he told me to take it seriously, and he wasn’t giving me a pass.” Wave stated his mom wasn’t as an enthusiastic about his career choice but she supported him. “She just wanted me to finish school” said Wave. From that moment on music was always in his head. He was always writing, so much so that he notepads full and the kitchen drawers in his mom’s kitchen.

At the age of 13, Wave moved to Memphis to be with his father where he learned about recording and the core business structure of a rap career. “My dad made me feel like it was attainable.” Wave returned to Milwaukee for high school which became a pivotal moment that ignited his desire to pursue hip hop more relentlessly.

With a growing mind his skill developed more. Soon enough, verses after verses were written, pages after pages, until he discovered his own style and flow. Still in high school, he started dabbling into freestyle developing an ease for spontaneous rhyming. At his high school there were fellow students who pursued rap as well coaxing freestyle battles in the stairwell. Wave joined the battles free styling off the dome and made a name for himself. He was set up to battle a senior(he a sophomore) whom everyone said was the best. Wave proved them wrong.

Taking his rap career very seriously, he began to perform original songs in high school talent shows whenever there was an opportunity. He also formed a group with his friends Cherub, Wave(then named Astro), & Seven called “Blue Lemon”. The name was solely based off of “something you’ve never seen before”. They began to perform at shows and parties creating a reputable name for themselves. They even started an independent clothing line called Blue Lemon that boasted bold “SWIM t-shirts and crewnecks.

Blue Lemon definitely became Buzz worthy. So much that they caught the attention of Kurupt’s manager. They met with Kurupt in Saint Louis where they were commended for the movement they had started and given advice on the industry.

As a group they allocated many awards including “Best Hip Hop group/artists for Milwaukee’s own “Shepard Express” two years in a row. They gained heavy blog recognition and their presence was felt as a thorough indie hip hop movement. Wave is thankful for his Hip Hop group, Blue Lemon, which motivated him to develop and expand his lyrical dexterity. They offered different insights and encouraged his creativity.

Now that high school was coming to an end that did not mean the end for Astro(Wave), who then had formerly changed his name to an alias of Wave Chappelle. A name he formatted from watching Dave Chappelle and joking around with his friends. This rap name is now forged in his mind as a reminder to remain authentic to his artistic quest while making his way through the treacherously fake, plastic, illusory world the music industry has become.

Now that Wave has relocated to Memphis, TN to make a stake and claim on conscious hip hop. He is not a typical rapper romanticizing a life of violence, drugs, and promiscuity. There is much more to this Milwaukee native than you might think. He is similar to the Mac-11 in the way he delivers his verbal ammunition. Once he starts spitting he is very difficult to control, lyrically firing gems that hit you unexpectedly. Wave is similar to is akin to a great painter, using his words as the paintbrush that imprints onto the palette of your mind. Every word is tailored exactly to paint a picture for the audience so they can see what I’m writing about. A prolific wordsmith who writes every lyric of his songs, here is a man who knows not only what he wants to tell the world, but how. Asked what inspires him, Wave says “I’m inspired by everything….my family, the situations I face, the people in my neighborhood, those who didn’t make it, and those who are successful.”

Now, with the release of his latest project, he is more than ready to earn his place among music’s greats. This LP will embody who he is and that’s authentic. He has a range of songs to draw out every raw emotion, each with its own message. He is able to mirror the ebbs and flows of life in his music from being in the hood to changing the world. The elastic trait of his music makes it accessible to anyone who simply feels. Authenticity is a rare commodity in the rap scene today. HE not only has it, he uses it like a weapon, disarming you and then hitting you at your core.

Wave also has an astounding following who calls themselves the “Swim Team”. Swim well. Everything Authentic.

Follow Wave Chapelle on Twitter: @BLMNWAVE